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Australian Mooney Pilots Association


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Authorised Mooney Service Centre. 

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2016 Pilot Safety Program

Bathurst, 29 - 31 October

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The Board of the Australian Mooney Pilots Association LTD for 2016 is:

President                     Greg MANZIE

Vice-President            Howard HOBBS

Secretary                     Jane ERREY

Treasurer                     Owen CREES

Ordinary members     David JOICE; Joe LUXFORD; Rae MCEWEN

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The Australian Mooney Pilots Association - AMPA - was established in 1991 with purpose of supporting Mooney owners in Australia, fostering goodwill and comradeship, safety and Mooney specific aircraft performance and operations through fly-ins, safety seminars and other activities.

AMPA runs an annual Pilot Safety Program, alternating between the eastern states and Western Australia. The program is designed to share knowledge and experiences among Mooney pilots, provide refresher training on Mooney specific operations and performance and improve the flying skills of members.

Our Events Calendar includes at least 2 fly-ins each calendar year. The first is held early in the year and coincides with our AGM. It usually incorporate a follow on flying adventure for several days. The second is usually held later in the year.

Other fly-ins occur when there is an event of particular interest, or spontaneously when members simply get together for fun and camaraderie.