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Australian Mooney Pilots Association

Australian Mooney Fleet

The following graphs cover Mooney aircraft fleet in Australia as of 1 September 2016.

Australia Mooney Pilots Association

The above graphs show Mooney models by year of manufacture in the Australian fleet.

Model Common Name Powerplant HP
M-10 Cadet Continental 90
M-18 Mite Continental 65
M-20/B Mark 20 Lycoming 150
M-20A/B Mark 20 Lycoming 180
M-20C Mark 21/Ranger Lycoming 180
M-20D Master Lycoming 180
M-20E Super 21/Chaparral Lycoming 200
M-20F Executive Lycoming 200
M-20G Statesman Lycoming 180
M-20J 201/201SE/201LM/205/205SE/MSE/Allegro Lycoming 200
M-20K 231/252/252TSE Continental 210
M-20K Encore Continental 220
M-20L PFM Porsche 217
M-20M Bravo Lycoming 270
M-20R Ovation Continental 300
M-20S Eagle Continental 244
M-22 Mustang Lycoming 210
M-20TN Acclaim Continental 280